May 01, 2009

A Warning

This Blog is not only extremely lovely, it has this amazing tote bag tutorial.

For a long time I have avoided making bags because:
1. We have so many
2. I didn't have time to sort through all the patterns available
3. I had a feeling that once I got started sewing bags I wouldn't be able to stop

Well, in regards to these issues:
1. All our bags started to wear out, and get dirty
2. I found the above pattern and it looked so easy
3. I WAS SO RIGHT!!! Bag making is so addicting, and fun, and easy, and quick, and the possibilities are endless, and it takes only 1 yard of fabric, and I could go on and on...

Last weekend I made (oh dear, can I even admit this?) four bags. That's right, four. You see, I was going to make one bag for my teacher, out of this lovely fabric my Aunt brought me back from Hawaii.

But then I actually read through the tutorial and found out that one yard of fabric makes two bags (or one bag if you self line it). Plus I found out that my Dad was going to visit my Aunt that weekend, so I quickly made up the second bag for her.

But I had to go to the fabric store for some lining fabric, and that was my downfall right there. Because, it was a huge sale and all the quilters cotton cheap. Since I don't really like quilting, but love all the fabrics, what better use for them than a bag?

Except remember, one yard makes two (or one very boring self lined bag) so I made bags for both my sister and I. Mine features a whimsical bit of turquoise velvet on the handle.

Thankfully I had school on Monday morning to drag me out of the sewing room. Who knows, if I didn't I might still be in there sewing bags today--I can whip 'um up in 20 minutes now.

So follow the link above for a great pattern. Just remember that I warned you.

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