April 18, 2009

An Impulse Buy

Even though I love to design my own costumes and I dislike looking the same as everyone else, I still have the occasional weakness for Big 5 patterns. Look what just came out, Simplicity 2581:

I think it is charming. The long flattering coat, the walking skirt peeking out, and the hat! I love the hat. I'm not exactly a fan of the matching gentleman's coat, but I do love that hat.

My impulse buy was 1.5 yards of buckram.

I didn't even know they sold it in town, but I learned otherwise. So now I'll be trying my hand at hatmaking--should be fun!

1 comment:

Anna Kristine said...

Oh, I saw this pattern! There's also a new Tudor dress pattern and underpinnings pattern out. I got the underpinnings pattern but I want to get this one too. :) The ladies coat reminds me of something Kate Winslet wore in 'Finding Neverland'.