March 15, 2009


... lots of sewing ahead!

Because of increased homework, term papers and finals I have not had nearly as much time as I would like to devote to sewing and blogging. I apologize for the lack of interesting posts here. That will be remedied in the next few weeks though! My last final is on Thursday, and I have a list full of projects prioritized and set out ready to speed through during my break.

Take a look at this incredible dress though! Recently I found the dress diary of this 1880's formal dress. It was so beautiful, and well made I wanted to share it with you. Some of you may know that I am working on an 1880's dress for the living history program I'm involved in. This dress was such an inspiration to me. The one I am making now has to be a work dress, but someday I would like to make a formal dress to wear to special events at the museum.


SisterlyLove said...

This is such a gorgeous era! Can't wait to see what you crank out on your break. Maybe we could get together? How long is your break? Maybe we could get together?


SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! I just looked at the dress diary for the dress. I love the square peplum (sp?) on the back of the bodice. Beautiful. And I love the buttons she used too. Thanks for sharing! I always want to make dress diaries of the costumes I do but I forget to take pictures of the progress. Ah well.


Anna Kristine said...

Oooh, such a pretty era! I can't wait to get together during Spring break! I have lots of sewing to do as well! As always. :)
And you always inspire me...:)
Good luck with finals!
~Anna Kristine

Adelheide said...

I'll call you both and we'll figure out a day to sew together!