March 17, 2009

Look Familiar???

...I actually sometimes do carry through with my crazy ideas!

So, upon request, my list of things to do this spring break is as follows:
1) Jacket for my sister (I'd like to say more, but it's a surprise!)
2) 1880's bodice (I've sketched my design, the muslin is cut out, now I just have to put on all my undergarments and fit it)
3) Chemisette (Because my bodice will have a V neck, I've got to have a chemisette too)
4) Petticoat (you can never have enough of these)
5) Crochet (this is a birthday gift for a friend, so I can't reveal details, sorry)
6) Element quilt (see above photo)
7) Burgundy dress (a friend gave me her once used bridesmaid dress because the fabric was beautiful, and my favorite color. I was able to cut out an entire summer dress from the material, and I just need to sew it together.)

1 comment:

SisterlyLove said...

Inspiring! I should make a list too...hmmm... :)