February 27, 2009

Only one hour fifty five minutes left 'till Saturday!

My Dad, Brother and Sister are leaving town for the weekend, and my Mom and I are planning on spending the whole time sewing!!! Oh wait, I have that eight page term paper due Thursday, don't I. Rats, I guess I'll be writing. Perhaps I'll write a page, then sew a dress, then write a page, then sew a dress! Yes I know, my time management skills are superb.

So, while I'm not sewing (boohoohoo) how about you tell me what you are making. If you are in need of inspiration, why not try making this little bag. I made it last year for my Jenny, and it was a quick easy way to use up some cute bits of fabric. If you want something simpler, these little clips look like a fun project. Or how about crocheting your own recycled sandals out of grocery bags (picture #2). Have fun!


Hannah said...

LOL! This weekend I have to sew and finish some homework. I'm making a suit for a 4 1/2 day leadership school I'm going to next week (teenpact.com), and I'm working on finishing up ALL my homework for it, so I have a busy weekend. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Wow! I love that Jenny Bag!!! I wonder why? I think I just might make one for myself...in my spare time. Heh. I love it!!