February 25, 2009

Little Heart Pokers

A three year old girl, who I was babysitting, found this pincushion in my bedroom and started playing with it and her stuffed animals. I overheard her say to her puppy dog, "now these are the little heart pokers."

Well obviously they are pokers, I wonder who was the silly person who thought we should call them pins! :D

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SisterlyLove said...

This is SO funny. Ha ha! I don't think I'll ever look at pins the same way. That's cute. :)

Sorry about the comment overload. We were out of town for a long time and I thought I'd catch up reading all the posts I missed! Can't wait to see your new sewing projects. You should post a pic of your prioritized list of sewing projects. I really need to do that too. I always keep a list in my head but I forget about projects too easily that way.

Have an nice Monday!