February 03, 2009

An almost-reveal, the macarena, and how to ruin your camera

I'm just bursting to tell you all of my new endeavor, but now is not the right time for a big reveal. Soon--I promise. Lets just say that my sewing room looks as if a herd of water buffalo ran through it while dancing the macarena! It gets a little crazy when inspiration hits.

Anyways, so that this blog doesn't die, I will show you the interesting effect that can be achieved by spinning, shaking, or jerking your camera while photographing a waterfall.

Cool, right? The beautiful waterfall in these pictures is Strawberry falls, in the Strawberry Mountains. I will try to be back soon with some interesting sewing posts! Have a splendid morning.


SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! I like the title!

Ah! Those pictures are so lovely! I love spinning my camera when I take pictures. I tried it one time when I was taking pictures of the Christmas tree. It turned out pretty cool. :)

Water buffalo are so cool. Except for the fact that they still dance the macarena. Ack! So 90's!!! :)

Can't wait to see what you've been working on. We need to get together and sew. maybe sometime in March?

Oh yes and we have an idea for this summer. We'll tell you about it later but I will say that it involves costumes, cream puffs and cake. :)

Adelheide said...

Ooohhh, anything is good when in involves costumes, cream puffs, and cake! I can't wait to hear about your idea.