January 12, 2009

A Pocket

My current "big" project is an 18th century outfit. I finished the stays awhile ago, and I am working on the dress right now. While at a friend's house, watching the wonderful Elizabeth Gaskell movies, I embroidered this pocket. The fabric is linen, and the burgandy thread matches my stays (which I'll show you later). The pattern I used for the embroidery was from a book called White Work by Carter Houck.

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Anna Kristine said...

Hello Heidi! Yay, I'm so glad you finally started a blog! Welcome! ;)
I LOVE your pocket. :D You inspire me...now I want to make one. But I must finish my stays first. Yes...yes, I must. *sigh*
Had such a lovely day with you! We must do it again! I didn't go to Portland so we should get together and sew again soon!
Can't wait to keep up with all your sewing adventures on here. :)