January 24, 2009

My Medieval Gown

Never before seen pictures of my made-in-three-days Medieval gown! Even after years of costuming, I still manage to forget to take pictures when I am all laced, or buttoned, or zipped up into costumes.

Years ago I was in a British literature class and we were going on a field trip to Ashland to see two Shakespeare plays. Three days before the trip, my friend Jenna called and asked if I want to dress up with her (she had made a beautiful gown earlier that year). We met at the fabric store, spent hours picking out the right materials, and I spent the next two days in whirlwind of sewing!

The blue fabric actually has silver pinstripes, and the back is laced up with a silver cord. I have worn this gown many times since its debut in Ashland, but the dagger was only recently added to the ensemble. There is also a leather sheath I made for my arm so I can hide it in my sleeve.


Hannah said...

It's lovely, Heidi!
I forget to get pictures of my projects too! :P So I have a LARGE selection of clothes that I made in the past year that need pictures taken of them yet. :-/

hmaricle said...

This is one of my favorite dresses. :) I have some great memories of dressing up with you in it. ;)