January 28, 2009


I would like to formally introduce you all to a dear friend of mine, Clare Evangeline Warren. It is only recently that I have made her acquaintance, but we have become fast friends. She is just as fond of costuming as I am, and she is always a great source of inspiration to me.

Clare grew up in the East, but after the death of her Great Aunt she travelled west to Oregon Territory. She temporarily lived with some distant relations, however they did not get on well, and Clare was very lonely. Through a series of serendipitous events, Clare now lives in our little house. We both hope that we may have many happy years together.


Lady Heather said...

Okay...I'm in love! Clare is beautiful! :D

hmaricle said...

Regardless to what you might believe, you have many creative writing bones in your body. Keep it up!

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

She is very beautiful. I am amazed at how much she looks like the one I am inheriting from my grandmother. God Bless.