January 16, 2009

Christmas Gifts part 2

My sister, the fashionista, recieved these legwarmers. They were originally for me to wear ice skating, but she fell in love with them and asked me to make her a pair. I am not a fast knitter by any stretch of the imagination (I started these in August) so I ended up finishing these up in secret, and giving them to her for Christmas.

For some of my friends I made these matching pearl bracelets. Last term at school I met a girl who works at the best bead store in town; along with helping me pick out the beads, she gave me some excellent beading tips.

For my European-scarf-wearing-friend, I made this one that looks as if it's been knit or crocheted. It is merely strips of fabric cut on the bias, sewn together like a grid, and washed so it will fray.

These cute little flower pins were designed by Heather Bailey, and I made them in a variety of shades. Tied on with ribbon they made perfect little gift toppers.

That's everything I made this year, but I want to share with you the adorable little pillow my sweet Mother made for me. Isn't it so cute (and true)! The pocket on the right hand side holds my frequently used seam ripper.


SisterlyLove said...

Yes! Hooray for Adelheide! :) Your pocket is gorgeous. I love all the presents you made for your family and friends too. You got a lot done!

We love your blog layout too. So lovely! Can't wait to read more! Thanks for the comments on our blog. I will have to post some pictures of presents I gave and got. Fun!


SisterlyLove said...

Oh, and I love that pillow your mom made for you. That is awesome! Great idea too, I'm ALWAYS losing the seam ripper!


Lady Heather said...

I LOVE that scarf!!! Can you email me and tell me how you did it? Or maybe you can blog about it! Hint, hint!

And that pillow is adorable!

Hannah said...

Those bracelets are beautiful! :) I love them! :D

Adelheide said...

Thanks for reading my friends!

Heather, I'll see about posting how to make the scarf, it really is a cool design.