January 14, 2009

Christmas Gifts part 1

I made many of the Christmas gifts for my family this year, and they were a big hit. My Brother, whose comforter was threadbare, got a new quilt. The main squares are all patriotic fabrics, and the back is flannel.

For my Mom, I made this sewing machine cover. Just for the record, I didn't plan on making every one's presents out of patriotic fabric, I didn't even realize the trend until now!

Hey look, it's even reversible.

I made my Dad some pajama/lounge pants. Never before have I noticed how hard it is to find masculine fabric! This is a very high quality flannel that I like to call the "I spy" fabric. Between the leaves there are black smudges, and if you are under a very bright light (and squint and look very closely) you can see fish and elk.

This was the first time I put in snaps, and I love their finished look.

That's all for now, I'll show you the rest later.

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Lady Heather said...

Oh fun! You started a blog!! You're a great seamstress!!!! Love the quilt! :D